Fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship in intercultural and interreligious contexts

About :

Our project identifies the urgent need to equip current and future generations with the knowledge, competencies, skills, and tools to exchange, communicate and cooperate across cultural, religious, and national borders and become responsible global citizens in a safer world. The field of youth work can make a decisive contribution to this goal.

Objectives :

  • Promote social inclusion and diversity in intercultural and interreligious communities through Adult Community Education
  • Support Adult and community teachers and educators to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship in these communities, accessing tools and methods for professionalization and professional development
  • Apply the Adult Community Education (ACE) approach encouraging intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and peer and collaborative learning.
  • Design, test, adapt and apply new methodologies and ICT-based tools to train Adult and community teachers and educators to co-create online courses on social innovation and entrepreneurship and tailor-made Mobile Learning Activities to be used by adult students in intercultural and interreligious communities.

Beneficiaries :

The INTREP project aims, through Adult Community Education (ACE), to promote social inclusion, diversity, and intercultural and interfaith dialogue by fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship in intercultural and interfaith contexts; therefore our target audience is :

  • Adult and community educators and teachers as the primary users of the project results.
  • Adult learners from intercultural and interfaith communities as final beneficiaries.